What are macros (aka: macronutrients)? Why do they matter How could counting them help you reach your health goals? Hold on tight!  All this Health Stuff I’ve mentioned my passion for health and nutrition a bit here and there as I’ve introduced Life Outside the Shop and all the different things I want this blog to be […]

January 7, 2021

What are Macros?

Have you ever wondered "What are Macros, anyway? Do I need to count them?" If so, here's the (non-complicated, easy to understand!) answer.

Ready to get after some goal setting for 2021?! I know I am. When I first started sharing more about our Life Outside the Shop I decided to move away from writing at my previous health & fitness blog because it was starting to feel like work outside of work. But, I’m still pumped about […]

January 1, 2021

LOTS Goal Setting Guide

Goal Setting 101: 2021 Remix

Thanksgiving is around the corner and even mid-pandemic, this time of year can be tough if you’re focused on your nutrition. Having a “healthy Thanksgiving” feels and sounds like an oxymoron, don’t you think? So, I’m republishing (read: copy and pasting from my own blog – so it’s allowed, people!) an article I wrote for […]

November 23, 2020

Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving!

Tips, tricks & mindsets for a happy, healthy Thanksgiving

A few things before I hit you with some inspiration for home workouts! First, when I started Life Outside the Shop, I really wanted to document just that – the things Sam and I get up to when he isn’t head down in his scroll saw. I also started LOTS because I was previously blogging […]

November 22, 2020

We all need a little inspiration. These home workouts will keep you sweating right from your home gym, basement or living room!

Home Workouts to Keep You Sweating

Oh Trader Joe’s, you did it again. As always, this year’s Trader Joe’s Fall Haul did not disappoint. They brought back old favs and I found some new products I can’t wait to try. If you know anything about me, you know that Trader Joe’s is my FAVORITE place to shop. And Sam? Well, this […]

September 19, 2020

Trader Joe’s Fall Haul: Top 10 Seasonal Food Favs