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How to Center and Glue Text and Images

July 10, 2021

Learn how to glue up and center words or images on wood signs easily, leaving your text perfectly centered on your background.

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The most recent Sam Macy Designs youtube video explains how to glue up and center words or images on wood signs easily, leaving your text perfectly centered on your background.

Tips to Center Text/Images On Surface:

  1. Make sure you have all your tools and wood pieces laid out. I work with superglue which has a fast dry time. I have to have everything I need ready to go and easy to grab.
  2. Wear rubber gloves and have paper towels handy so you can keep your surface clean and use your gloves for glue excess.
  3. Lay everything out where you want it before you get going. Whether it is text or an image, this will help you play with composition and see what it looks like in a frame before you commit to gluing.
  4. Use your ruler to measure from the side of your board to the farthest point of your word or image. Do this on both sides until you have the same measurement on each side.
  5. Repeat step four on the top and bottom. Make sure you adjust any spacing or pieces that shift when you’re using your ruler to move the outside or top/bottom pieces.
  6. Come in with your square if necessary on the top and bottom to make sure everything is aligned. Remeasure as you go to recenter the image or text.
  7. Glue in your landmark pieces. These are the placeholders (outside letters or pieces) that you can build your other pieces around without worrying about messing up your centering.

Walk through this process in the video above (and get an awesome time and money saving tip)!

Tools & Equipment for Making Wood Signs

hands centering text on wood sign

Check out the wood signs we made for our wedding HERE!

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