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DIY Video: Plyometric Box with One Sheet of Plywood

September 22, 2020

Plyometric Box with One Sheet of Plywood

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T-minus almost exactly two years ago, Sam put out a DIY YouTube video walking through the steps to make a plyometric box.

We’re huge CrossFitters and the owner of our gym needed more boxes as our membership grew. Sharing is caring but in the middle of a fast workout, it can definitely be a tricky piece of equipment to split between two athletes.

So, he asked Sam to build some boxes and here we are! Whether you’re outfitting your new home gym or DIYing boxes for a gym you own, these babies are a MUST for all kinds of workout movements.

The thing is, Sam’s OG plans required one full piece of plywood plus a teeeeeeny bit of another one. Those babies got the job done for sure (and looked amazing) but buying two pieces of plywood isn’t ideal unless you have a million other shop projects lined up.

After a whole lotta asks for a one-sheet build, some thinking, remeasuring, and a bit of swearing as he moved a giant piece of plywood around a shop that seemed to be getting increasingly smaller and smaller, the one-sheet plywood plyometric box is HERE. Want to check it out? Click the video below!

These plans are already getting a lot more love since they’re a bit more practical. And, the best part is this box is still just as safe and sturdy as iteration #1.

Because you’re here reading Life Outside the Shop, we want to give you 50% off the one-sheet build Etsy plans as a little thank you! Sure, they’re normally only three bucks but do you know what is even better than three bucks? $1.50! CLICK HERE to get the plans emailed right to you.

If you give it a try, make sure to tag @sammacydesigns to share your finished product. We’d love to see it!

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