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How to Build a Sliding Barn Door

July 19, 2022

how to build a sliding barn door for your walk-in closet

Building a sliding barn door for our walk-in closet has been one of the top priority projects on our list since renovating our house in 2017. Learn how we did it in our “How to Build a Sliding Barn Door” instructional YouTube video and with the steps we’re sharing today!

Before the Barn Door: Our Quick Reno Background

We moved into our ready-to-go house and, naturally, tore the whole thing apart.

We combined two bedrooms to make a master, took down the wall between the kitchen and the living room (do I sound like Joanna Gaines?), renovated the second living space into a shop for Sam, and last but definitely not least: We added a walk-in closest. Watch those build videos here:

Because we have a little sock stealer who lives with us and loves losing socks in the couch (or in the yard) — and because sometimes clothes end up on the floor instead of in the laundry hamper and that’s no fun to look at — we knew a door to the walk-in was a must.

(Finally) Building A Barn Door

But you know how it goes… you have a project that takes a few days to knock out. Stuff comes up, life gets busy and you tell yourself you’ll get around to it once the big stuff is done.

Then, you do finish the big stuff and take a little breather telling yourself “you’ll do it sooo soon!”

… and you put it off

…and you put it off

…and you put it off

Until it’s been almost five years, you still haven’t made that sliding barn door and you’re out like… 20 pairs of socks.

And, as it always happens, eventually the “can we please make that door!” nagging becomes too much, the search for that second sock gets too annoying or the motivation hits just right, and BAM… the project starts.

Project Pics

Every project starts with settin’ up the camera. From there, my bureau became Sam’s workbench and he got to it.

Blue and I supervised (and took some sketchy iPhone before, during, and after pics) while Sam put up the sliding barn door hardware. Then, we hung the door together!

Closet Door DIY Video

Watch our video, learn how we (read: Sam) did it, and get access to the supply list!

Enjoy! Drop questions below or in the YouTube comments! For more DIY vids, click HERE.

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