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Quick & Easy DIY Wedding Signs

December 1, 2020

Learn how to make your own DIY Wedding signs (or any other signs you need) with this Sam Macy Designs shop video & step-by-step instructions.

We are SUPER excited about these DIY wedding signs because they are near and dear to our hearts.

Today, we’re sharing the behind the scenes making of our wedding signage but this will work for any occassion. Birthday? Home Decore? Shower? You name it, you can build a sign for that. Check out the video below!

Like we chatted about in our last DIY post, we’ve started doing a bit less of a “look at the camera and tell you what to do” situation for a few reasons.

First, we can barely sit through a video like that (#boring) so why would we expect you to?

Second, it is tough to follow along with a video when you’re trying to make something. Especially if it has to do with power tools, sharp saws, and glue. No thanks.

Lastly, we often do a lot of making it up as we go along. So, after the fact we likely have a few tips and tricks we wish we knew before we started… that you’ll learn BEFORE you start. You’re welcome.

If you want those step-by-step instructions, CLICK HERE!

We have to give a few shoutouts to dole out!

First, to our friend Ashley who helped us out with the AMAZING lettering you see. She is so talented and we were lucky to have her on board to personalize our signs once Sam was finished building them.

Next, to our florist at Willow and Rai. She crushed ALL of the bouquets, centerpieces, table decorations, and other floral accents… especially the piece above our welcome sign!

Last (but DEFINITELY not least!) to our photographer Ellen who snapped these awesome pics so we could share them with you and to Maquam Barn & Winery for the perfect venue!

As usual, we’d love to hear and see what you create whether it is a DIY Wedding sign or other sign creation. Make sure to tag Sam Macy Designs and Ali_Macy123 in your creation. Always feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions!

Thank you for following along!

Sam & Ali

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