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Woodworking Shop Tour 2021

October 8, 2021

Sam Macy Designs Shop Tour 2021

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The 2021 Woodworking Shop Tour with Sam is here! This is a tour of his two car garage work shop where he creates Shadow Boxes and gets after whatever I’ve thrown on his honey-do house list!

Sam made this video per the request of Burlington City Arts. He has been working with them to get his pieces into some major Vermont locations like Fletcher Allan Hospital and the Burlington Airport.

Give it a watch!

Shop History

When we bought our home in 2017, it was a move-in ready duplex. So naturally, we tore it apart. Where some people may have seen the potential for renters and a second passive income, we saw the perfect starter home that would allow for the time and space to create exactly what we wanted and needed.

What is now Sam’s shop was once a two car garage and then a kitchen, living room and office. The shop itself has been painted, repainted (repainted again) and reconfigured dozens of times as his work and needs grow. Much like any living, breathing and growing endeavor, the shop continues to evolve each and every day as Sam takes on each unique project (and I puts him to work with my never ending honey-do house list).

This woodworking shop tour will be so fun to look back at in a few years since I’m sure it will look MUCH different. Thanks for following along,

<3 A

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