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VLOG: Pallet Wood Decor Behind the Scenes

September 25, 2020

Pallet Wood Decor VLOG

Sure, DIY and step-by-step how-to videos are fun (and we have that coming your way soon too), but it is the behind the scenes stuff that really takes the cake if you ask me. Thats why we’re taking you behind the scenes of our pallet wood decor project day!

Sundays are sacred days around here and Sam and I always do our very best to prioritize some kind of time together doing something we don’t have time for during the week.

Whether it is a longer walk, day trip, project, or rainy movie day, carving out that time for each other has been a cornerstone of our relationship since we bought our house in 2017.

Sacred sundays & pallet wood decor projects

It is so easy to get into a weekly rhythm and catch yourself thinking “I see them all the time, I mean…we do live together”.

But there is a difference between “hey did you make the coffee for the morning?” and actually choosing to carve out time to be present with someone.

Thus – sacred Sundays and our pallet wood decor day! Before diving into our project, we knocked out some around-the-house-outside off of our bucket list.

After my plants were repotted (they are SUCH happy campers now) and the lawn got a haircut, we dove into our project!

Our pup, Lincoln, passed away at the beginning of June and after seeing a German Shorthaired Pointer decoration on Etsy, I knew we needed one in our home, too.

Besides giving us something to do together, it was a really fun chance for me to get more involved. I learned a bit about the best way to break down, paint, and prep a pallet for a decor project. It was about that time that I take a bit more initiative with my “honey-do” list, let’s be honest.

You’ll be proud to hear that I didn’t cut my hands off or break any fingers using a saw and hammer. I also learned a TON and have plenty of pallet ideas up my sleeve for future projects.

This was also my second video editing experience (you can watch and read about my first one here!) and it is definitely getting faster and faster. I learn a bit more each time I sit down to edit and it is still such a cool challenge and chance to learn a new skill and develop a budding passion.

We have plenty more VLOGS coming your way as we head into fall, the wedding, puppy-raising, and the holidays!

Thank you for continuing to follow along! We’re so happy to have ya here,


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