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Weekly Wrap-Up #3 – Houston, We Have a Hater

September 21, 2020

Life Outside the Shop Weekly Wrap-Up #3

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Welcome back to our weekly wrap-up where we share what is going on both inside and outside of the shop!

Hmm… what were we up to this week? Sam is movin’ through some pallet wood wedding signs for our big less-than-2-weeks-away day and I’ve been chipping away at my second video editing experience.

We’ve also been getting more and more excited to bring our puppy home in November, I finally hit up Trader Joe’s for #allpumpkineverything fall favs, we call out our biggest Sam Macy Designs YouTube hater, and more!

Wanna watch along? Here ya go…

Helpful Video Links:

Life Outside the Shop Weekly Wrap-Up

What we’re watching

Season 6 of Alone on Hulu

What we’re watching (youtube)

Sam is getting ready for duck season and watching a whole lotta Duck Dynasty.

I’m still in puppy mode and watching a ton of Standing Stone Kennels training videos. I’m also getting super pumped up for the next season of Fixer Upper with the Magnolia channel.

What we’re reading

Same as last week! I’m also listening to Rob Bell’s Everything is Spiritual and I’m loving it.

What we’re eating

#alltraderjoeseverything! I made the muffins I shared in my Trader Joe’s Fall Haul post and we can’t get enough. Especially when we reheat them and put my #1 Trader Joes Fall pick on top… wondering what the heck I’m talking about? Read the post🙂

As per usual, if you have any questions you want us to answer in our wrap-ups, throw them in the comments here, on YouTube, or you can send them right to @sammacydeisgns or @ali_c123 on Instagram.

Thanks for following along:)

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